PHPLiveX 2.6 Released

This release brings many new features, bug fixes, performance & security optimizations.  Many changes were done, according to the user feedbacks taken during about 1.5 years since previous version. The most important features of this release are Ajax File Upload feature and Ajax History Plugin. Here's the list of all new features:

- New Features

    * Ajax History Upload beta
    * Ajax File Upload

    * All JS operations are now handled by a single PLX object easierly
    * New parameters added: id, caching, history, timeout, onTimeout, onPreload
    * New methods added: LoadJS, LoadCSS, AjaxifyUpload
    * File uploads can now be used with ajax form submission
    * Added Stop method to stop functions repeatedly called in a defined time interval
    * Added AjaxifyClasses and AjaxifyClassMethods methods
    * Class variables can now be ajaxified

- Changes

    * Removed PHP Encoding variable, use it with constructor method
    * Added a second argument to event handlers. (thus, xmlhttp object and phplivex parameters may be reached inside these functions)
    * Changed the use of PHP Run method.
    * SESSION is not needed by PHP AjaxifyObjects and AjaxifyObjectMethods methods anymore
    * target and onUpdate parameters are now ignored when onFinish function returns false
- Bug Fixes

    * Fixed bugs about interval parameter and added Stop method to stop the repeated execution
    * Fixed bug when response text includes <style> tags in Internet Explorer
    * Functions which are not user defined can not be ajaxified anymore
    * Fixed bug when using multiple select boxes with form submission
    * Fixed bug when using multiple select boxes as target dom element

Documentation and some of the examples are rewritten in addition to new ones with version 2.6. It is advised for users to update older version to 2.6 which is faster, more secure and useful. Old functions will be still working, but give attention to changes in Run method.

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